Derek Smart: There Will Be A Lawsuit


If Cloud Imperium Games thought that booting Derek Smart out as a customer would be the end of the story, they were sorely mistaken. Smart has been heading a crusade against Star Citizen over claims that the game, as it is currently being promised, can never be made. The two parties have been going back and forth since then, but in a recent post on his website, Derek Smart stated that there will be a lawsuit, regardless of who initiates it.

Until a lawsuit (class action or otherwise) is filed, there is currently no lawsuit. That’s a fact. It has nothing to do with whether or not there will be one. I can tell you flat out, that there will be, regardless of who (us, Feds, State) initiates it.

In regards to CIG locking down the forums to backers only, Smart denies that the move has anything to do with him and voices his support for the decision, citing the need to remove trolls and prevent unwanted users from simply creating new accounts to stir up trouble.

(Source: Derek Smart)

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