Diaries From ArcheAge #2: Shipping Overseas

ARCHEAGE 2014-10-10 11-38-09-42

As part of the ArcheAge experience, I decided to dedicate some time to delivering a trade pack overseas to the Solzreed Peninsula. I can already tell this is going to end in my death.

ARCHEAGE 2014-10-10 11-41-34-94

As you can see, my only means of transportation across the sea is in the basic rowboat obtained through an early quest. Travel speed: 4.5 meters per second. Likelihood of success: none.

ARCHEAGE 2014-10-10 11-41-57-05

No stowaways! Thankfully ArcheAge has aggro limits and the Seabug got bored a couple minutes later. Maybe it’s not too late to enlist one of those teleporting hackers.

ARCHEAGE 2014-10-10 11-45-43-16

This guy wasn’t interested in what I was selling: A full load of being defenseless.

ARCHEAGE 2014-10-10 11-55-13-59

An hour later and I’m almost there! I can see the port in the distance.

ARCHEAGE 2014-10-10 12-02-23-78

The port is being blockaded by pirates. I’m dead, and the trade pack will probably be destroyed. Finished the quest.

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