Diaries From Guild Wars 2 Part 1: Path of Fire

(Disclosure: I received a copy of Path of Fire for the purpose of writing about. As always, this has no bearing on my opinion on the game)

Guild Wars 2 has been my on-again off-again MMO for the past few years (five, it’s been five years since Guild Wars 2 launched. Crazy, right?) The past year or two, it’s been more off again as I found my interest waning as Arenanet seemed to be confused as to where they wanted the game to go. Still, Guild Wars 2 has gone down in my books as one of the most polished MMOs on the market.

Path of Fire ditches the jungle atmosphere of Heart of Thorns and heads straight into the desert, in a world that is just stunning to look at. Head off in any direction in the multiple zones and you’ll see that there is much more to the world than just sand and stone. In fact, your first real taste of the world sets the tone for what is ahead, as you come across massive, sprawling, crumbling pyramids.

Similarly, the main city of Anmoon is beautiful, a massive city with giant pyramid buildings and tons of activities going on. The first moment I set foot in Anmoon, I ignored the story quest and started to check out what the city had to offer. The major events takes place around the casino, with players collecting coins while also taking care of some seedier troublemakers. I found myself in a race around the desert on the game’s mounts, which was fun even though I was clearly outmatched by my fellow racers.

And speaking of mounts, it looks like Path of Fire is all about the mounts. Very early on in the story, you get your hands on a raptor mount that is capable of jumping farther distances, allowing you to get to previously inaccessible areas. The mounts are great not just because they add a new mechanic, but by how well built they are in terms of usefulness and animation.

As you travel throughout the lands and complete activities, you’ll gain mastery points to make your mount even more useful. They’ll jump higher, leap farther, and just generally do things better. Mounts have been a long time coming for Guild Wars 2, and it’s great to see that they serve more of a purpose than simply boosting your speed.

There is plenty more to do in Guild Wars 2, so I’ll be getting back to it. Expect more detailed coverage in Part 2.

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