Dino Storm Redefines Combat


In my review of Dino Storm, I pointed out that the game has a fantastic concept (cowboys on dinosaurs) but the execution was a little rigid. To say that there aren’t a whole lot of abilities in Dino Storm is an overstatement, there are just enough to not be considered negligible. So it is exciting to hear that the team over at Splitscreen Studios is making a major update to the game, or “redefining combat.”

In the first developer blog, the team discusses loot, levels, and upgrades. For starters, players will enjoy a much greater variety of loot dropped by dinosaurs, including upgrade items which can be used or sold for Dino Dollars, and fame items. Leveling will now directly effect unlockable upgrades, unlocking enhancement slots, and upgrading equipment all the way to level 25. And finally, players will be able to buy already upgraded weapons and dinosaurs, depending on their ranger level.

Evolution serums, gun tuning kits, weapons tech upgrades, and dino implant upgrades are being removed from the game, and players will receive a refund in Dino Dollars for any left in their inventory at the time of the update. Upgrade items now drop from creatures on the field, and quest experience and coin rewards will be boosted to compensate for the lack of upgrade items as rewards.

More to come on the upcoming Dino Storm combat upgrade.

(Source: Dino Storm)

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