Diving Into Arc’s Daily Quests, Price of Zen


Earlier this week we learned about Arc 3.0, the latest client update for Perfect World’s library of MMOs. When Arc 3.0 launches, players will be able to complete daily quests to unlock Arc points which can then be redeemed for Zen, Perfect World’s real money currency. But how much are you going to have to grind in order to get that sweet payment? Let’s find out.

According to the above screenshot posted on the Arc 3.0 blog, the bare minimum of Zen (500 Zen worth $5 USD) Zen package will run you 5,000 Arc points. Each level requires 600 experience, and each level grants 500 Arc points. In other words, you need to level up ten times in order to afford the $5 package. With example daily quests running upwards of eight days, you could be looking at quite the time investment for these rewards.

The good news is that the dailies seem to be minimally invasive, simple ideas like log in eight days in a row or just play a specific game on the list. It would be irresponsible and poor business for Perfect World Entertainment to make it too easy to obtain Zen with as little work as the daily quests already seem to ask for, as people would simply use that as a source of income.

Still, we’ll have to see how the quests go when the Arc client launches.

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