Dragonball MMO Isn’t Coming To The West


Here at MMO Fallout, I have a list of foreign MMOs that fall into my Do Not Report file. This list is reserved for games that, in my untested and unscientific opinion, are likely to never hit western shores. The idea isn’t all that radical, when you consider that a majority of MMOs shut down within a couple of years after launch and how expensive localization is. In the case of Dragonball Online, my hunch was correct. According to MMO Culture, the game is set to shut down in all of its territories, after which the lights will be flipped off and everyone will go home. The Korean server has already been shut down and the server in Taiwan will be shuttering on October 31st.

If you were hoping to see the game release in English, you are sadly out of luck.

(Source: MMO Culture)

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