EA Community Team Wins Award For Most Hated Comment On Reddit

You have to wonder how it feels to juxtapose simultaneously being one of the most successful companies in the industry while also being one of, if not the most hated. Electronic Arts has won numerous awards over the years for the worst company not just in the gaming industry, but in the world. The game publisher known for acquiring game studios, ruining the reputation of their games through budget cuts and rushed development periods before shuttering said developer, Electronic Arts hailed in the massive anti-consumer failure known as the Online Pass.

But now EA has another notch to add to its belt under bringing ruin to Bioware, and that is officially being recognized as having the most hated comment on Reddit. Of course we are talking about the “sense of pride and accomplishment” comment that EA’s support team left when defending the egregious use of microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II, a monetization system that was quickly pulled yet didn’t do much to stop the disappointing sales that followed.

The idea that this comment is the most hated on Reddit is no surprise, gamers and those who follow internet drama have known for the better part of the year. For EA however the distinct dishonor has been encased in the carbonite known as the Guiness Book of World Records. EA’s 683k downvotes beat out the second place contender which has a whole twenty four thousand.

Why don’t you just admit that nobody on Reddit likes you?


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