Earthrise MMO Is…Back? Countdown Appears On Website

During its short life on earth, Earthrise followed a well known and much feared trajectory of MMOs: Releasing far too early and never gaining a following. Of course it doesn’t help that the game comprised of little more than grinding combat and crafting, coupled with performance issues that drove away much of the user base. In December, Earthrise dropped its subscription fee for existing players with the promise of full free to play to come at a later date. After the servers went offline for a full month due to “maintenance,” Masthead Studios announced that the game would be coming to a close in February, citing lack of resources.

Well something is afoot over at the Earthrise website. A countdown has appeared leading up to 6pm Eastern on May 10th. Did Masthead Studios find an investor? I find the prospect likely.

(Source: Earthrise Website)


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