Elder Scrolls Online Introduces You To The Thieves Guild


The third DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls Online introduces players to the Thieve’s Guild, an organization that the player finds in shambles. Players travel to Abah’s Landing in southern Hammerfell to join the guild, and must work to rebuild it back to its former glory. Membership in the guild has many benefits, including a new passive skill line, access to repeatable heist quests, re-acquisition quests, and guild jobs.

Purchasing the DLC, free for subscribers and 2000 crowns for everyone else, will also grant access to other new features, from new zones, new world bosses, gear, a new crafting style, and non-combat servants that can perform certain tasks. Everyone regardless of their purchase status will have access to the new 64-bit client on Windows and Mac, combat and gameplay balances, Cyrodil updates, new crafting styles, and more.

You can read the entire list of details at the following link, and check out the trailer below.

(Source: Zenimax press release)

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