Eve Online’s PvP Has Stagnated, Says CCP

As we learned from Stephen Calendar many months ago, the MMO industry is one of test and react. So it stands that over the years, not every change or new feature to a game will be openly accepted by the community, or for that matter updates that are intended to improve gameplay may not always do so. In the case of Eve Online, the updates revolve around factional warfare changes implemented in the recent Inferno expansion. The goal of Inferno was to shake up the way that all players, new and experienced, fight.

Unfortunately, as CCP points out in their dev blog, this didn’t go as planned. Instead of focusing on content, players have been distracted by farming and cashing out alternative points, and a number of factors have come together and caused an inflation in the market. In order to alleviate player concerns, CCP is ready to implement a patch tomorrow that will take the focus off of farming LP and more on to the actual fights themselves.

You can find more in-depth patch notes at the link below.

(Source: Eve Online)

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