Everquest: The Burning Lands Expansion Is Now Live

The only constant in life is death and a new Everquest expansion.

The Burning Lands is Everquest’s twenty fifth expansion in the long running MMORPG. Available now, Burning Lands introduces the new luck stat that randomly affects gold found in loot drops, the amount of critical damage you do, your success at a trade-skill combine, and more. There are six expansion zones available in The Burning Lands as well as new raids, new quests, new spells, and new skills.

“The longstanding peace between the jann is over, and war has broken out between the djinn from the Plane of Air and the efreeti from the Plane of Fire! What has sparked this dispute and who will emerge victorious? Will you survive the Trials of Smoke and help end this conflict? It is finally time to head back to the Planes and unravel the mysteries that await you there! “

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