“F*** Gamers” Developer Tale of Tales Returns To Game Development


Following their high profile meltdown last year, in which Tale of Tales developers Michaël Samyn and Auriea Harvey quit the industry, blamed gamers for the failure of their game Sunset, and left with the message “FUCK GAMES! FUCK GAMERS! FUCK THE GAME INDUSTRY!” along with an expression of hope that gamers as a concept would die in agony, has returned to making video games. While the developer initially left in a huff, owing to the fact that Sunset barely sold any copies, the alleged failure of Leigh Alexander to properly market the title, and that the game was derided and quickly turned into a meme over situations including one where the player is told to remove “upsetting books” including Sun Tzu The Art of War, they have returned. According to posts on Twitter, everything they said about gamers was in jest.

They were joking, they swear, but they still hate you.

Their next title, The Endless Forest: Second Decade, has raised more than €5 thousand on Indiegogo since its launch from 144 people, with at least €1,800 of that coming from six backers. The game recreates The Endless Forest, a title that Tale of Tales refers to as a “social screensaver,” and one that will likely go over as well with gamers as Sunset did due to its lack of chat, quests, tasks, puzzles, story, or meaningful gameplay.

The Endless Forest is a relaxing multiplayer online game where everyone plays a deer. Instead of chatting, questing or killing, people play with each other creatively in a virtual forest filled with magical surprises. The current version of the game has been going strong for 10 years with 170,000 registered players but we haven’t been able to expand it because its technology is outdated. Now we want to continue the endless growth that we have always envisioned for this project .

Tale of Tales is hoping to raise €40,000 to bring The Endless Forest up to speed.

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