Fake News: VAC Ban Wave Has Reason Muddied

There is no massive conspiracy to Valve’s recent ban wave of Team Fortress 2 bots, but cheaters would like you to think there is. Valve recently banned a large number of accounts taking part in catbot, a hacker who has been terrorizing Team Fortress 2 servers by flooding them with a large number of bots. News websites picked up on rumors and reports that Valve was simply banning anyone with “catbot” in their Linux username as an attempt to quickly get rid of the bots.

MMO Fallout can confirm that those reports are fake. A confirmed Valve employee has posted on Reddit to deny the claims, noting that these rumors are likely being circulated by the cheating community, and that Valve has not instituted a policy of banning by username.

The bug report–and I suspect many of the posts in this thread–are a tactic employed by cheaters to try and sow discord and distrust among anticheat systems. VAC has many different types of detections and we cannot discuss what they do publicly because doing so makes them less effective. However, one thing I can disclose is that all detections require that the detection occur while a user is actively cheating and connected to a VAC-secured server.

Those of you with Catbottom as your Linux username can breath easy, and log back into Team Fortress 2.

(Source: Reddit)

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