Feeding the Rumor Mill: Playstation Now and the Possible Downloads

Playstation Now is Sony’s streaming games service and answer to the lack of backwards compatibility from the Playstation 4 to the Playstation 3, its subscription service allowing you to play titles from the PS4, PS3, and PS2 on your PS4 or PC. All this for $20 a month.

In another life, Playstation Now had the added benefit that it could be played on a ton of a devices, making up for the streaming nature by supporting the PS3, PS Vita, PS TV, Sony Bravia TVs, Sony Blu Ray Players, and Samsung TV models, among other devices that I am no doubt forgetting. Then Sony in one fell swoop cancelled support for every single device outside of the PC and PS4, making Playstation Now a service that costs twice as much as the Xbox Game Pass and delivers an arguably lower quality service at higher prices. While Playstation Now offers a wider library, over 500 titles compared to over 100 on Game Pass, the fact that you are streaming titles means the quality of your experience is directly tied to your router’s performance and Sony’s servers.

So the rumor mill is churning this week and decided to toss out the delicious news that Sony is working on the ability to download games, ala Playstation Plus, for its PS Now customers. The updated will apparently be coming sometime later this year, probably after September, and will start with PS4 games only.

If Sony goes down this route, it would be a marked improvement for Playstation Now as a service. People who want to keep streaming their games can do so, those who don’t mind waiting for the download so they don’t have to deal with fracturing visuals and lag can have their cake and download it too.

How do you feel about the Playstation Now service as it is, well, now? Would you consider subscribing if it wasn’t reliant on streaming?

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