FFXIV Players To Receive TGS 2013 Earrings


Square Enix’s booth at Tokyo Game Show has an interesting challenge: Defeat a special version of the Titan Battle Challenge from FFXIV and win yourself a free “I Beat The Titan” t-shirt. The good news is that the rewards don’t stop there. For every player who beats the challenge, Square has been selecting one random server to receive Cactaur earrings. The attributes are nothing special, but they are a nice cosmetic item to have. Just about a day and a half into TGS, enough titans had been defeated to unlock the Cactaur across all servers.

Next, Square Enix has offered bomb earrings to players on a random server every time a Titan falls. As with the Cactaur earrings, attendees took little time to fall well over sixty Titans and unlock the earrings for all servers. The details on how the earrings will be delivered to players (presumably in-game mail, as with most of the other rewards) will be revealed in the next week or so.

(Source: Square Enix)

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