Final Fantasy Starlight Festival

Final Fantasy XIV’s Starlight Festival is currently underway. It will run until 31st December and has introduced plenty of fun things for players to do over the holiday period. Players are going to be tasked with bringing holiday cheer and gifts to the kids of Eorzea. By doing so they will gain access to event specific items and equipment. By participating in the Starlight Festival, players have the chance to acquire a Santa Claus inspired robe called the Starlight Robe. While it doesn’t have any combat effectiveness it is very fitting for the time of year and looks really cool. Players can also receive some other fun items to furnish their guild hall or house such as Snow Drift that puts a pile of different coloured snow on the floor, a new painting or some festive pillars. Players also have the chance to unlock a season specific musical score to add to their collection as well.

When you’ve had your fill of playing Santa you might want to spend some time in the Gold Saucer and gamble some of your hard fought money on the chocobo races or some of the other mini games. If you win big, then you might be able to afford that expensive weapon on the market or invest some more money into your guild. Once you’ve had your fill of gambling with pretend money at the Gold Saucer, then why not try out Red Flush Online Casino and try and win some real world money. They have a range of sign up offers, so you’ll be able to get started quickly. You’ll get to see if all that practice with Triple Triad in Final Fantasy XIV has taught you anything about the card games available on Red Flush Casino. Play your cards right and you might be able to win enough to cover your Final Fantasy XIV subscription or get yourself something special this Christmas.

In between participating in the Starlight Festival and gambling at the Gold Saucer don’t forget to complete your usual daily quests and participate in dungeons and raids. Whether you are a Dragoon, Monk or White Mage there is always plenty to do in Final Fantasy XIV. Don’t neglect your other classes this holiday either as there will be plenty of equipment to craft, food to cook and fish to catch. All of which can be sold on the market and the proceeds put towards further equipping your character or decorating your guild hall/house.

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