Frostkeep Studios Unveils New Game Modes For Rend

Frostkeep Studios this week announced the debut of two new game modes for Rend on the public test realm.

The two game modes are called Classic and Exploration while the original game mode will be renamed Faction War. In classic mode, players will battle for supremacy by sieging each others’ bases, waging war, capturing territory, and collecting bounties. Exploration, meanwhile, is an entirely PvE mode that does not allow for player vs player combat. Both modes allow for players to join up in clans, however progression is per-character and there is no reputation system.

In addition to these two new modes, ascension points are seeing a change from per-server to globally tied to player accounts. AP gained from any activity will count for all servers.

For more details on upcoming Rend updates, check out the roadmap.

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