Galactic Combat Game Master of Eternity Adds New Year Update

Master of Eternity (M.O.E, get it?), the turn-based mobile strategy game, this week launched its new year’s update delivering an overhaul of fresh content, including exclusive costumes and events. The Cheerleader Costume Event is now live for a limited time and the game is available for free on Android and iOS devices.

In Master of Eternity, players command PIxies armed with formidable mech suits. The Cheerleader Costume Event boasts several new features, including:

  •  Exclusive Costumes – Unlock two new cheerleader costumes through gems and a special mission event to customize M.O.E.’s Pixies;
  •  Festive Sales – Take advantage of rare sale prices of suits, generic seeds and parts for the limited-time New Year’s sale;
  •  Weekly Special Events – Play the Galactic Pension Expedition during weekdays and Ancient Relic Loot Battles during weekends to acquire modified materials and items;
  •  Premium Modification Package – For the duration of the event, the component quantity of existing sales products increases.

More information can be found at the official Facebook page. Master of Eternity was developed by Nexon Korea Corporation, subsidiary of Nexon Co.

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