Gamigo Immediately Cans Plans For Gifting Premium Items in ArcheAge Unchained

Gamigo has dumpstered an idea so fast, the news was barely able to report the original story.

Today’s ArcheAge stream caused a bit of an uproar when Gamigo announced that they were going to allow gifting premium items from the cash shop on ArcheAge Unchained. Since Unchained is supposed to be the version that didn’t support pay to win, the community had a bit of a problem with this strategy. As a result, a number of viewers took to the ArcheAge Reddit to voice their concern.

And Gamigo has listened, and immediately put out a statement that this is no longer going to be the case. The statement has been pasted below for your viewing pleasure.

Hello everyone,
The ability to gift items from the in-game premium marketplace has been disabled for ArcheAge: Unchained.

We are committed to ensuring that our revised game-play experience meets the expectations of our supportive community and is in no way clouded by our past. We considered allowing the ability to gift from the marketplace due to the items being trade restricted and cosmetic. In hindsight, it’s easy to understand how gifting could circumvent the items being bound. The decision to remove gifting was unanimous internally and so it is passed into order.

We’ve worked closely with you over the past six weeks to refine offerings in the premium item shop based on the following criteria:
-All premium items are cosmetic in nature, or provide a non-essential game-play service (renames, costumes, character appearance customization, or UCC)
-All premium items are bound to the character that purchased them and are not tradable through any in-game system (mail, auction house, storage chests, player-to-player trades)
-The gifting of premium items has been disabled

We stand behind our approach to delivering ArcheAge: Unchained and more importantly, remain devoted to you. Thanks for your continued support.

~The ArcheAge Team

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