Gazillion Is Dead: Marvel Heroes To Shutter Today

In case you didn’t think Gazillion could disappoint more, it has been confirmed through multiple sources that Gazillion has not only laid off their staff the day before Thanksgiving, but will not be paying them owed severance or accrued paid time off. In addition, the servers for Marvel Heroes on PC and Console will be taken offline today, November 24, instead of the original planned date at the end of December.

An internal email shared to PCGamesN indicates that this sudden scheduling change is at the behest of Marvel and the company’s bank.

“We also intend to shut down Marvel Heroes Omega per the bank and Marvel’s wishes on Friday, November 24, 2017. At Marvel’s request we have prepped succinct messaging and are preparing to shut everything down.”

As it stands, Gazillion will no longer be an operating entity following the sunsetting of Marvel Heroes.

(Source: PCGamesN)

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