Gazillion’s Bankruptcy Lawsuits Filed: First Hearing February 23

It’s been a short time since Gazillion Entertainment folded into bankruptcy and, as one might expect, the debt collectors are coming out of the woodwork to get their overdue money. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case has been filed in California courts against Gazillion from three parties claiming a total of $695,123 in unpaid debt. The majority of the claim comes from Playchemy Inc claiming $684,186 in unpaid debt. The rest is spread evenly between Secret 6 and one Caitlin Capes.

Gazillion is scheduled to meet in front of a judge with said creditors on February 23 in the afternoon at the San Francisco Courtroom to discus trial dates.

Gazillion Entertainment launched Marvel Heroes in 2013. At the end of 2017, Marvel pulled its license in part due to under-performance, resulting in Marvel Heroes shutting down and Gazillion going bankrupt.

(Source: Court Dockets)

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