Get All Of Tribes: Ascend With A Single Purchase


Tribes Ascend is enjoying all of the benefits of Hi-Rez Studios’ continued efforts to tweak its free to play model, ensuring that players have access to all of the game content but those that are willing to pay for it aren’t being nickle and dime’d. In response to player feedback, Hi-Rez has announced an upcoming patch for February 15th that will allow players to buy every single weapon, class, and perk in the current game. Non-gameplay affecting items are not included (cosmetics), and VIP players will receive a discount.

If all goes according to plan the single purchase edition will be available this Friday 2/15, along with the upcoming content patch.

No word yet on price, however it is set to be “in the ballpark of other PC shooters.” So possibly around $50-60 for the whole kit and kaboodle.

(Source: Hi-Rez Studios)

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