[Giveaway] Dream of Mirror Online Late Summer DLC

This week MMO Fallout has partnered up with Dream of Mirror Online to bring you Steam codes for the Summer DLC launching this week. We have plenty of keys to give out, so if the group below is redeemed by the time you see this, a second batch will be coming out the same day.

Summer may be coming to a close, but come celebrate one last hurrah of the Summer season in Dream of Mirror Online! Deck yourself out in style with some new summery threads, surfboards, super soakers and other fun summer themed items!

There are no region locks or expiry dates to the DLC code. Please read the instructions below carefully before redeeming your key.

  •    Obtain a beta key.
  •     In the Steam app, from the “Games” menu pick “Activate a Product on Steam…”
  •     Follow the steps and enter your key when prompted. The DLC content will be installed to your Steam Profile
  •     Once the DLC has been released, log into DOMO and the DLC pack will be sent upon logging in
  •     The DLC is sent to the first character on your account. The DLC packages won’t open unless if there is space in your character’s inventory.

[keys id=21030]

Female Costumes
Hawaiian Swimsuit(F) – 14 days
Seaside Swimsuit(F) – 14 days
Male Costumes
Hawaiian Swimsuit(M) – 14 days
Seaside Swimsuit(M) – 14 days
Unisex Items
Ice Cream – 7 days
Sunscreen – 7 days
Supersoaker – 7 days
Snorkel – 14 days
Sharkbite Surfboard – 7 days
Radical Surfboard – 7 days
Retro Surfboard – 7 days
Magma Surfboard – 7 days
Hawaiian Surfboard – 7 days
Jungle Surfboard – 7 days
Beach Ball – 7 days
Beach Umbrella – 7 days
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