[Giveaway] MU Legend Free Starter Pack

MU Legend has entered into open beta, and you know what that means: MMO Fallout has partnered with Webzen to give away starter packs. Coupon codes can be obtained through this website and others while supplies last (if they do run out we will try to get more). Coupon codes are limited to one per account, are usable until December 31, and contain the following items:

  • Platinum Service (3 Days)
  • Type A Costume (3 Days)
  • Constellation Wings (3 Days)
  • Holy Recovery Potion L x10

In order to redeem, please go to the website below and follow the instructions:

  • Go on http://www.webzen.com/coupon
  • Login your Webzen account
  • Enter the Coupon code and click ‘NEXT’
  • Select your Region, Server and Character
  • And that’s it!

Note: You need to choose the character to give this pack to at the point of redemption, which means you will need to have downloaded the client and created a character in order for the code to work. The code will not redeem unless you have created a character.

[keys id=19865]


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