Global Agenda 2 Closed Beta This Year, Possibly


It’s been quite a while since we last heard about Global Agenda 2, to the point where here at MMO Fallout we weren’t quite sure if the game was still in production (see: Titan, World of Darkness). Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly depending on who you ask, the game is not only still in development, it is on track for beta release sooner than you think (or I think). Over at the Global Agenda Reddit subforum, Hi-Rez CEO Erez Goren posted a few snippets of information about the much awaited sequel.

Global Agenda 2 is a spiritual successor, with a classless system, a focus on pvp, and another attempt at an e-sports shooter. Furthermore, the goal is to have the game ready to beta test by the end of the year, if all goes well. Meanwhile you can still play the original Global Agenda. It hasn’t had any updates in quite some time, but the servers are still up and running.

(Source: Reddit)

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