Good Old Games Launches FCK DRM Initiative

Good Old Games, the online game store infamous for its anti-DRM policies, has launched a new initiative to let the world know just how it feels about anti-consumer copyright protection schemes. The movement, cleverly dubbed FCK DRM, is in partnership with Defective By Design and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and aims to feature services whose products are not tied to systems that they can turn off at any given time.

Why should you care about DRM?
Because there is a killswitch built into your games. Sure, DRM might not affect you right now, but corporations hold the key and they’ll only let you in as long as you can repeatedly prove ownership. As long as you’re connected to the internet. As long as their DRM works without fault. As long they’re still around.

You can head over to GOG’s website and find a growing list of services for music, movies, books, and more. Good Old Games has opened its website list to any service who offers a DRM-free service.

(Source: FCK DRM)

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