Guild Wars 2: Season 4 Episode 2 Hits March 6

Guild Wars 2 is gearing up to release the next part in its living story, Season 4 Episode 2, this coming Tuesday. Picking up where the series left off, the death of Balthazar at the end of Path of Fire led to his power being absorbed by the dragons Kralkatorrik and Aurene. The Commander (the player) and their allies must deal with an empowered dragon and the ongoing assaults on the land of Tyria by Palawa Joko.

Episode 2 introduces a handful of new content to Guild Wars 2, including:

  • An exciting new storyline
  • A new map to explore
  • A brutal legendary dagger players can add to their line of legendary weapons
  • A new mastery—part of Guild Wars 2’s max-level horizontal progression system

Keep an eye out for Episode 2: A Bug in the System on March 6.

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