Guild Wars 2 Teases New Living World Chapter

ArenaNet this week dropped new information about the next chapter in the Guild Wars 2 living world story. The Icebrood Saga is the newest collection of episodic content and opens up on September 17 with the prologue episode, Bound By Blood with episode one releasing later on in the autumn.

The Icebrood Saga marks the beginning of a new adventure in Guild Wars 2’s storyline. It is a time of tentative celebration for all the races of Tyria in the wake of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik’s heroic defeat by the members of Dragon’s Watch. But whispers from the Northern Shiverpeaks tell tales of ancient forces stirring from their slumber. While the Sons of Svanir—a renegade cult of norn who have turned away from worshipping the Spirits of the Wild—devote themselves to the elder ice dragon Jormag, stories of the dragon’s strength and virtues begin to spread alongside its corrupting influence.

Yea, in case you thought the story was going somewhere other than an elder dragon. ArenaNet also announced new partnerships for upcoming collector’s goodies including a 20th anniversary art book, new apparel, phone cases, and more.

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