Heavensward Details Now Available


Square Enix held its latest fan fest in Tokyo just last week, wasting no time in revealing new dribble of information regarding Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion Heavensward. The expansion will be paid, and introduces a wide variety of new content including a new race and new jobs (classes).

The new race is called the Au Ra, a dragonkin race with horns and scales from the eastern continent of Othard. Among the three classes is the Dark Knight, a magic-based tank who wields a greatsword and utilizes dark magic. The second class is the Astrologian, a healer class that uses a divining deck to cast spells.

Finally, the last class is the machinist, a dps class that uses firearms and machines to attack its foe.

Heavensward will also increase the level cap to 60 and introduce new dungeons and missions. Check out further coverage and screenshots at the link below. Heavensward launches Spring 2015.

(Source: MMO Culture)

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