Hi-Rez Community Specialist Among 21 Arrested In Child Sex Sting

The Super Bowl brought may have disappointed the internet with its lack of Spongebob memes, but officers with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have reason to celebrate as they announced more than twenty arrests in an undercover sting ending on Sunday. The investigation, dubbed Operation Interception, identified a number of suspects attempting to solicit a minor for sexual purposes. Among them; Hi-Rez Community Specialist Thomas Cheung.

Any chances of a misidentification have been dashed, as the GBI website identified the figure as “Thomas Cheung, A/M, Alpharetta, GA, 32, gaming studio employee.”

“During the operation, Brookhaven PD utilized license plate reader (LPR) technology to more quickly locate previously identified predators as they entered the city limits. Through a partnership with Georgia Power and Vigilant Solutions technologies, Brookhaven PD has nearly 50 LPR cameras located throughout the city. “Using this technology, our officers were alerted the moment an already identified target entered the city, assisting with their ultimate apprehension,” said Brookhaven Police Chief Gary Yandura.”

VPesports dug a bit deeper and found that Cheung is facing charges ranging from misdemeanor to felony depending on the age of the intended victim.

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