I’m Back! MMO Fallout Resuming Activity

How do you do, fellow gamers?

Those of you who keep track of the MMO Fallout news feed are likely already aware that the website has been mostly silent for the past week, especially after my posts last Sunday about all of the topics I was planning on writing about. I was discussing on Twitter about starting up a website reviewing books, I had a few things planned for this website here, and I was looking forward to finally getting around to actually following up on the first Podcast episode, as well as going back to law school for the Spring semester.

And then I got the phone call on Monday at noon that my father passed away, and everything was immediately shelved.

The past week feels like it has lasted about six months, and while I tried on a few occasions to distract myself and write a few news pieces to take a momentary break from grieving, I just couldn’t find the motivation. I try not to inject my personal life into this website as much as possible, because people have enough problems of their own without having to see me publicize mine.

My plan is to get back up to speed with posting news pieces and editorials this week, but updates may be slow over the next couple of days. I’d like to thank my readers for their understanding in these rough times, as well as to those who reached out to express their condolences.

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