Impressions: Uprising Is A Positive Sign For Overwatch PvE

Following Overwatch’s rather simplistic Halloween event, it was only a matter of time before the game received another cooperative game mode. This new mode has two separate versions, but for the sake of starting out I’ll focus on the story mode. Story mode takes place seven years in the past and sets you up with a team of four made up of Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, and the rookie Tracer. Your team is given orders by Commander Jack Morrison (Soldier 76) to take on an extremist faction of omnics called the Null Sector that have taken over a portion of London.

The second version of the game is the same concept, but there are no character restrictions.

Effectively, your goal is to take over three locations in a row, escort a payload, and finally kill a boss robot, all while a bunch of other robots stand in your way. The mode itself feels like Overwatch’s take on Valve’s Left 4 Dead, except with robots instead of zombies. It’s also a nice change from the Halloween event, placing the players on the attack rather than defending a single point. Lore and collection enthusiasts will also find something to enjoy with the new skins and dialog discussing the characters as they existed those years past. The concept gives Blizzard a virtual wealth of lore that can be spun into its own story, focusing on specific characters and events in the game’s timeline.

Taken as the story mode, Uprising gets pretty difficult above easy mode. The free hero mode is much less difficult as open access to heroes makes way for less balanced, virtually broken encounters. Regardless, the event is far less static than the Junkenstein Halloween event, is more relevant to the overall story, and overall has gameplay that is more inviting for multiple playthroughs.

Hopefully this leads to more permanent cooperative modes, or even something similar to Valve’s Mann Up mode with a set of loosely connected campaigns

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