IPE: Glorious Saga’s Shutdown Message Sidesteps Developer’s Theft

China; it’s a country where intellectual properties are basically there to be stolen. Unfortunately for IP thieves, western companies have been having better luck in recent years winning major court victories against these copyright cretins. Case in point, Blizzard is taking on Sina Games and their very obvious ripoff of Warcraft; Glorious Saga.

Glorious Saga has been shut down by Sina, and if you check their Facebook page out you’ll have no idea why. The page candidly glosses over any mention of the fact that it’s been sued for being a shady ripoff.

Dear players,

Thanks for your support and love of our game. We had a great and happy time in the game.

But due to some irresistible reasons, we decided to announce that the game will stop operating at 06:00 on 29th of Aug. (EDT), and all the servers will be closed. Players can’t login any longer.

We are very sorry and we will do our best to guide and provide best service for all the players during the server closure process.

Operation Team

Thankfully the snarky Facebook community is having none of this, and calling the company out on its own page. More information on the lawsuit can be found here.

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