IPE: MMO Fallout Hit With DMCA Takedown

Hello folks,

I initially grappled with whether to publish this piece, and just decided to go with it. It came to my attention over the weekend that MMO Fallout, specifically our domain host, has been hit with a DMCA takedown notice. The notice was sent to us in regards to an In Plain English article that was published last year, and it appears that someone is unhappy enough with our coverage and publicization of the events that they’ve decided to claim that our usage of their name in coverage and the court dockets infringes on copyright and trademarks.

Now MMO Fallout knows its legal rights and will not be voluntarily taking down this article. I have nearly full confidence in our hosting provider that they will see the takedown for what it is and will ignore it. That said, I fully understand that it is in their best interest under US Copyright law to act now and make me defend myself later, so I decided to publish this notice as a warning that, on the off chance this website suddenly goes dark over the next few days, you know what happened.

With that, I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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