Is Relic Localizing Phantasy Star Online 2?


Earlier this year, gamers were dismayed to hear that Phantasy Star Online 2 would likely not be making it to the west, despite the game being fully translated into English for certain Asian regions. The news wasn’t a definite no, but allegedly Sega doubts the game’s ability to gain traction in Europe and the Americas. Luckily, that may not be the case. At the beginning of the year, Relic Entertainment was sold to Sega as part of THQ’s bankruptcy. A job listing has popped up on Relic’s website for a programmer/engineer to work on a live MMO from Japan.

Among the list of duties and requirements are:

  • Ramp up and perform due diligence on an existing live MMO project in development in Japan, embedded with the live team
  • 5+ years’ engineering experience from PC client/server based MMO development

It could be Phantasy Star Online 2, or it could be some other property.

(Source: Relic Careers)

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