Jagex Appoints New COO:

Jagex has announced that Phil Mansell will be taking over as Chief Operating Officer as well as acting Chief Executive Officer, following the departure of Rod Cousens. Rod Cousens took over the position of CEO in April 2015, taking over for Mark Gerhard.

Mansell’s reign comes just in time for RuneScape to begin its expansion releases, starting in June with the release of Menaphos.

“Driven by a passion for creativity, our teams are focussed on what really matters for the core business – supporting our live titles and their huge communities and leading the creation of new games for multiple devices,” said Phil Mansell, COO, Jagex. “Off the back of record financial performance, Jagex is in an incredibly fortunate and positive position. We have become stronger with every year that passes and now that we are united with our parent company, ZhongJi Holding, it is both an honour and a privilege to be take Jagex to its next stage.”

(Source: Jagex Press Release)

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