Jagex Employee Fired, Police Called In Over Compromised User Accounts

(Source: Reddit)

Jagex this week announced that an employee has been fired and police have been brought in regarding “gross misuse of moderator privileges.” While the official post doesn’t go into much detail, reports from the Reddit forum indicate that the employee is Jed Sanderson, aka Mod Jed, and involves the now ex-staffer used his moderator status to compromise RuneScape accounts to steal excessive amounts of gold, presumably to either trade to other players or to sell on the open market for real money.

This isn’t the first time Mod Jed has been suspected of malfeasance. As a Jagex employee, Jed has been known to be a member of the Reign of Terror clan, a group notorious for using denial of service attacks against opponents in Jagex’s $10,000 Deadman Mode Tournaments. Jed was investigated last year in regards to these allegations and cleared of all suspicion.

“Following our investigation, we were able to resolve the issue before any significant impact was made to the wider game, or economy. We have also taken steps to return items and GP to any affected accounts. Whilst we generally do not return items or gold, we feel that given this unusual situation, we wanted to ensure no players lost out to the rogue actions of a member of staff. We are actively working with the Police regarding the incident, but given this an ongoing legal matter we are unable to provide further details.”

Given the enormous real world value of the gold stolen (estimates in the tens of thousands), Jagex has noted that it is actively assisting the police in investigating the matter. Players affected by Jed’s actions have reported receiving the items back that were stolen from them, or as close as possible as Jagex can ascertain the damages.

(Source: RuneScape)

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