Jagex Kills Off Mobilising Armies Mini-Game

For years now RuneScape has had a bit of a problem with its mini-games, namely that there have been a lot of them added throughout the years and very few are actually populated by any traffic. Couple that with the fact that many of these mini-games include rewards, and you simply have a growing list of virtually unobtainable items. Back in 2015, Jagex introduced the minigame spotlight, adding a Thaler currency and rotating spotlight to showcase various minigames and encourage people to play them.

It didn’t work out so well and Jagex has been slowly datamining and determining which minigames are played enough to remain in-game and which ones need to get the boot. Unfortunately Mobilising Armies is the latest game on the chopping block. The minigame was removed as part of today’s update, with Jagex detailing how the rewards will be disbursed to remain accessible to players:

  • Defunct currencies will be automatically converted to other currencies.
  • Mobilising Armies is no longer a completion cape reward.
  • Hi-Scores will be preserved.
  • Locators can now be crafted in Divination.
  • Cosmetics now a reward in the Thaler shop.
  • Low level ring imbuing is now a Soul Wars reward.
  • High level ring imbuing is now a raid reward.

(Source: RuneScape)

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