Jagex Releases DarkScape: Hardcore RuneScape


Today marks the launch of an experimental new version of RuneScape, one which none of you likely saw coming. DarkScape, as it has been called, is a new version of RuneScape with a twist. Unlike its relatively safe counterpart, everywhere in DarkScape is open for player vs player combat. You can be attacked at any time, at any point in the world, including places that used to be safe zones in RuneScape’s PvP worlds (banks).

But don’t think that this is just RuneScape with the option to kill anyone you want. In DarkScape the world is divided into three zones, with each zone yielding better rewards with a wider range of players who you can attack, and who can attack you. Cities, while open to player vs player combat, are patrolled by guards of varying power, capable of taking down adventurers who get out of hand. Each of the three regions has its own separate bank account, grand exchange, and more.

The other side of this server is that all content is available for free players, even that which is members only on standard RuneScape. Members receive a 50% experience boost as well as better drops, double bank space, and double items kept on death. In addition, DarkScape will not be updated alongside standard RuneScape content. As the game develops, Jagex plans on taking it in its own direction guided by players (similar to Old School).

Check out DarkScape at the link below.

(Source: DarkScape)

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