John Smedley Defends H1Z1 Airdrops


Airdrops are sort of like H1Z1’s answer to MMO lockboxes in that they can be purchased for real money and contain random loot, except they are public and dangerous. Calling in an airdrop attracts both players and zombies alike, both groups seeking to feast upon what they might find.

John Smedley took to Reddit to defend the airdrop mechanic, noting:

1) You cannot call in airdrops until the servers are 1/4 full. 2) You can’t call in airdrops without generating a ton of zombie heat. 3) the airdrops are random in what they deliver. 4) you are not guaranteed to get a single thing out of the airdrop you called in. You could die trying and you’re out the money. 5) We fly the plane in very slowly and loudly..

SOE is planning on updating airdrops to make them drop slower, with a wider drop radius, lowering the chances of weapon drops, and increasing the number of people in a server required to call in. For those who still think it’s pay to win, Smedley has a response:

So if you think it’s P2W don’t buy it. Don’t play it.

H1Z1 is currently availabe for purchase on Steam Early Access.

(Source: Reddit)

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