Kickstarter: Shadowrun Online For Just $500,000

Hey bro, can you spot me some cash to fund Shadowrun Online? I only need ten grand for the top level Kickstarter perk. Shadowrun is a game all about gritty action and player factions warring it out over a persistent world. According to the description, players will be able to shape not just the world of Shadowrun inside of the MMO, but that decisions will also affect the future of the pen and paper game. It will be free to play (but not pay to win) and set on the Unity 3D engine similar to Cliffhanger Productions’ other MMO, Jagged Alliance Online.

Based on the pen and paper game of the same name, Shadowrun Online has taken to Kickstarter because publishers are notorious for not knowing their elbows from their, well you get the picture. Players are able to play for free, or opt into a premium subscription that offers perks including boosts in experience, rewards, and discounts at vendors.

There are 24 days left as of this publishing with about $400,000 left to go.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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