Knights Chronicle Celebrates Anniversary With Events

After a year of what has been described as enthusiastic fan support, mobile RPG Knights Chronicle is celebrating its 1-year anniversary with a slew of content. Starting today, players can enjoy new labyrinth dungeons. Choose your heroes carefully though, as you won’t be able to re-join in on other labyrinths until they are refreshed.

Events surrounding the update include:

  • New Awakenings for Electra and Edwin – Both Electra and Edwin can now be awoken by using growth materials and a six? version of either hero to achieve increased statistics, a new Awakened Passive skill upon reaching max Awakening level, and a new in-game appearance.
  • First-Year Anniversary Event – By playing the newly added ‘Blizzaria’ Advent Dungeon, players can acquire ‘1 Year Anniversary Summon Tickets’, which can be used to summon individual Heroes.

Knights Chronicle features classic turn-based role-playing gameplay, a beautiful Japanese animation-inspired art style and a compelling story showing the same standard of quality as console and PC RPGs. The game also sports standout features, including real-time party play where fans can form parties of up to five members to challenge multiplayer dungeons, explosive 3D-animated skills that demonstrate the game’s flashy and gorgeously detailed visuals, and over 100 heroes for players to choose from.

Source: Knights Chronicle

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