[Updated] Indie Dev Uses Multiple Names To Dodge Bad Rating Association


[Update 5/31: Digital Homicide has updated their games to have a consistent naming, making it possible to easily view all of their games.]

Temper Tantrum currently costs 99 cents on Steam. It has a 44% positive rating at the time of this publishing with many of the negative reviews pointing toward bugs, and the fact that the game is entirely comprised of stock UNITY assets purchased from the store. If you look up the developer, you’ll see that the game is made by a studio called DigitalHomicideStudios LLC (two words) and that they only have one game on Steam if you search by developer.

We’ve covered Digital Homicide here at MMO Fallout before, back in November when the developer had a meltdown over a critical let’s play video of their game The Slaughtering Grounds, which currently carries a 25% positive rating on Steam. This game, similarly, was heavily panned for its poor quality and reliance on stock assets purchased from the UNITY store. The Slaughtering Grounds is credited as being developed by Imminent Uprising and published by Digital Homicide Studios LLC (four words). The companies are the same, but if you follow the link on the Steam page you would never know the link between the two games, because of the alternate spelling.

And finally we come to Deadly Profits, a game released May 29th under the developer name Digital Homicide Studios, changing the studio name once again to prevent users from stumbling upon the game’s other, less well received titles. Deadly Profits is currently the highest rated title in the library, 61% at the time that this is published, however the top fifteen most helpful reviews are all negative.

Should developers be able to hide their past on Steam, or should Valve be enforcing a policy to tie developers to a consistent name? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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