Line of Defense Early Access Coming July


As far as the massively multiplayer FPS goes, Planetside pretty much has the market both cornered and monopolized. Happily, that is about to change as 3000AD has announced the first beta phase of Line of Defense will go live next month on PC. Line of Defense will make its debut on Steam early access with only certain features unlocked at the outset. As early access progresses, more features will be added in.

Line of Defense will debut for $99 for the early access package, granting access to the game as well as the Tactical Advancement Level IV pack (a $70 value) as well as other early access perks and a copy of Line of Defense: Tactics, a strategy companion game released earlier this year. If you don’t feel like getting in early, Line of Defense will eventually be available under a free to play hybrid model.

Check it out at the official website.

(Source: 3000AD press release)

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