Maplestory 2 Introduces Dungeon Helper

If you could name one improvement for MapleStory 2, what would it be? That’s right, a dungeon helper system.

Starting with the latest update, players level 50 and above will be considered a dungeon helper when queuing for dungeons below level 50. By completing lower level dungeons and thus helping out the newer players, it is possible to receive up to 10 dungeon coins per day (1 per dungeon). Coins can be used in the shop to buy furnishings, outfits, mounts, and more.

In order to better ease new players into higher level dungeons, Nexon has also instituted an across the map nerf of dungeon enemies. Finally, the benefits of house assistants are no longer locked behind merets and can now be bought with mesos.

Source: MapleStory2

P.S.: Keep an eye out for Lucky August events.

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