Marvel Heroes Omega: Better Loot, More Costumes, Less Choice

Big changes are coming to Marvel Heroes Omega with how the game treats drops. According to an announcement revealed this week, Gazillion plans on taking the loot box and making it more substantive. For starters, while previously the boxes could only be obtained via the cash shop, they will now be granted at specific character levels (5, 12, 15, 30, and 60). In addition, loot boxes will drop costumes at a higher rate.

Now for the bad news: As part of this update, Gazillion will also be removing all costumes from the cash shop, meaning that the only way to acquire them will be through the loot boxes.

We plan to rotate the costumes available in the loot boxes out every few months, but players looking for particular costumes after this update can use their Marvelous Essence (given in each loot box) to acquire them directly from the Marvelous Essence vendor Moondragon, located in all Hubs. She will carry all costumes in the loot boxes available at that time.

The community isn’t taking the news well. Gazillion has since come out and tried to explain that the model was “unsustainable” on PC.

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