Master of Eternity Drops Temple Boss Update

Nexon this week dropped the latest update for Master of Eternity (MOE) introducing a new boss raid, new suit, and temple guardian. Fans of grid-based and combat and pixie commanders can take part in a host of new events, including:

  • Unique New Chapter & Temple – The highly-anticipated Chapter 13 Part Two delivers an all-new story for players to face, packed with a never-before-seen Temple Guardian;
  • New Boss Raid and Mobility Production Center – Players can now participate in Boss Raids and earn rewards to build exclusive Mecha suits;
  • Powerful Rare Suits – Enlist in galactic battle with 17 new Mecha suits for the Assault, Support, Bombardier and Sniper classes, including the coveted Kali’s Child Suit;
  • Special In-game Events – Veteran and new players can participate in several events until Wednesday, Feb. 6 to earn rewards, including:
    • Chapter 7 Part Clear: 300,000 Credits and S3 Crux x5
    • Chapter 9 Part Clear: 500,000 Credits and S3 Crux x10
    • Chapter 10 Part Clear: 700,000 Credits and S3 Guaranteed Ticket x5

Master of Eternity is available on iOS and Android.

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