Master x Master Players SOL With Less SOL

One sentence no player wants to hear is that when a developer announces that their game is just too generous, but for Master X Master players, that fear is becoming a reality. In an announcement on the official website, NCSoft has revealed its perspective that players are getting away with a little too much, and as such don’t have much of a reason to invest real money in the game to shortcut their way through progression.

Our goal with MXM is to provide different activities and ways to progress and unlock Masters at a reasonable rate through the use of SOL, or through quicker unlocks with X-Coin. SOL is currently quite generous, which means players progress through the game and content much faster than intended, and our X-Coin prices just aren’t comparable for those that choose to buy X-Coin as a shortcut.

In response, NCSoft is cutting the accumulation rate of SOL, an in-game currency, across the board. You can find the details at the link below, but the gist is that you’ll be getting less SOL and certain things will become more expensive.

(Source: MXM)

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