Microsoft Releases Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Details Ahead of Conference

Xbox Game Pass is coming to PC systems, according to Microsoft and you don’t even have to wait for today’s conference to get more details. While there is sure to be more on display later this afternoon, Microsoft has already started rolling out its Ultimate Game Pass and you can actually get your hands on it now.

The Ultimate Game Pass costs $14.99 per month, but you can grab the first month for $1, and it combines Xbox Live and Game Pass in one handsome bundle. Alternately, if you just want the PC Game Pass you’ll be glad to hear it comes at a discount. $5 compared to the Xbox Game Pass being $10. This is also available for a $1 introductory price.

But Connor, I hear you asking, what if I’m a jerk like you and literally just renewed my Xbox Live for six months two days ago? Do I need to wait until December to make this worth it? The good news is that no, you don’t have to do much. Just spend the $1 for the ultimate game pass and your existing membership in both Live and the Game Pass will be converted to the Ultimate Game Pass time. So in my case, I spent $1 for the upgrade and now my membership doesn’t renew until January as the six months I had on Live and whatever days I had in the game pass were automatically converted in.

Beta information for the PC game pass will no doubt be in today’s conference as well as information on games coming to it.

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