Microtransactions: Workhard Is Definitely A Game

I wanted to talk about Workhard because I spent money on this and I’d honestly feel bad about refunding it.

Microtransactions is the latest column idea I had here for MMO Fallout because I can either play some incredibly cheap/short indie games with what little free time I have nowadays, or I can do the sensible thing and acknowledge that I’m not actually legally obligated to be publishing stuff on the internet even though I’ve been doing just that for nearly eighteen years now.

So I picked up Workhard because it was $1.79 on Steam and looks like a Gameboy game. Shallow, yes, but so is the game. You play as a secret agent assigned to liquidate a gang. With your guns. Sure, why not. So you travel to the right over several levels and shoot people as they aimlessly walk toward you. To aid in your liquidation you have a pistol, an automatic, and a one-shot shotgun that fires one bullet before it needs to reload. The shotgun has a very satisfying punch and can take out pretty much everyone except for the final boss in one hit. Admittedly this is the highlight of the game.

All in all, Workhard will take roughly 10 minutes to beat and obtain all of the achievements. I actually thought that the game was having problems because I kept killing the final boss off-screen without realizing it and the game just goes right back to the main menu.

I’m not angry that I spend the cost of a soft-baked Monster cookie from Target on this game or the fact that it was ten minutes long, but I am starting to wish I had taken that money and gotten a soft-baked Monster cookie from Target.

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